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Psalm 2

Psalms 2

May 21, 2017


When looking at Psalms chapter 2, though it’s not completely agreed upon or proved, it is believed that David the author of this Psalms. As we look at it, I want to look at two ways in which these verses translate.

 First, the immediate context of David and his adversaries. 

Second, how these verses point to the future and true King, Jesus.

I also want to look at how these verses affect us and translates into our lives today. 

Immediate Context

In these twelve verses, we there are three breaks.

There are also three people speaking: The kings of the earth, David (God’s anointed), and God.


Verses 1-3:

  • The first break is found in the first three verses.
  • David presents what was going on, and the thoughts of the wicked. These men were gathering together to go against God and His anointed one.
  • Simply put, there were opposing god and his work through the nations as He used David as a king.

Verses 4-9:

  • This is the second break.
  • In this section of scripture, God is responding to these men, that desired to over throw God’s authority.
  • First thing we see, is the fact that the one that sits in heaven laughs at their uprising. I want us to really catch what this truly means.
  • God does not worry about what men can do, for He is the one that is in control.
  • So, he laughs at their attempts to overthrow Him.
  • In Isaiah chapter 66 explains that the Earth is like His foot stool.
  • Did you catch that, it’s like the place He would prop His feet upon, For God is completely in control of this world and everything in it.
  • God is not worried about those who rise in opposition against Him.
  • God also goes on to explain that He has sent David to be His anointed one, to be His king. 
  • So, in these verses, God is explaining that He is in control and has placed David in his position for a plan and purpose.

Verses 10-12:

  • This is the third section.
  • This is David’s appeal to the men that were seeking to overthrow God and the Kingdom He established.
  • He did this after presenting God’s words to them.
  • It’s key to understand, that David spoke after God spoke.
  • David calls them to lay down their pride and humble themselves by serving the lord with reverence and joy.


  • So, to summarize the message of Psalms 2, we could say that because God has enthroned his king, the nations of the earth should repent of their rebellion and take refuge in the Messiah.

Prophetic Context

We just looked at the immediate context and how the people were raising against God and his anointed one.

What is important to understand though, is these verses are pointing to the king of kings, Jesus.

To understand this best, let’s look at Acts 4:23-31.

 A little context before we read it though.

  • Peter and John was arrested for preaching the gospel and preforming a miracle.
  • After being arrested they preached to the Sanhedrin, presenting the death and resurrection of Christ to the, and pointing out how they were the ones that killed him.
  • The arrest did not stick, so the Sanhedrin had to release them, but before doing so they warned them to not speak the Gospel again.

Acts 4:23-31

  • In verse 23, they go back to the people and meet together to pray for boldness.
  • In verse 25-26, this Psalm is quoted.
  • But look at verse 27-29, “For truly your holy servant Jesus whom you anointed… were gathered together to do whatever your hand and your purpose determined.”
  • Jesus was truly the anointed one that the leaders arose against to destroy.
  • But did they destroy Him? NO!! They may have killed Him but the grave could not hold Him, for He rose again three days later as the victor.
  • God worked His will through the men that were seeking to destroy and rise against God.

So, we see that his Psalm not only spoke of David as the anointed King but points ultimately to the one true King, Jesus.

So, what does this mean for us today. 

How does Psalms 2, specifically relate to us at Lighthouse Community church?


First and foremost:

  • We have salvation through Christ, for he was and still is the truly anointed one of God. For though they sought to destroy them, they did not succeed.


  • Still today there are men and women that come to stand against God, His church and His people.
  • Just watch the news, you will hear of Christians being killed or the attack on religious freedom.
  • Even just the moral state of the world shows this to be true.
  • So, these verses give us a comfort in such a fallen and corrupt world.
  • Though at times it may look rough and hopeless, God still sits on the thrown and guess what… He always will! For our God is an eternal God.
  • Though persecution and difficult times are hard to deal with, I want you to know that God is working out all things for His glory.


  • Since God is working out all things, we can have the same boldness that the disciples had. 

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